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Mohawk RevWood Plus: Added Benefits

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

If you know the name Mohawk RevWood, then you probably know the benefits of quality laminate flooring. High quality laminate can modernize any room and withstand the wear and tear of daily living. At Floor Concepts, we use Mohawk RevWood products because Mohawk has revolutionized the laminate flooring game.

Mohawk’s lines of RevWood, RevWood Select, and RevWood Plus all combine the beauty of hardwood flooring with the durability of laminate. Their multiple collections have a wide range of warm and cool toned laminate planks to fit any design and space.

Technology Behind Mohawk RevWood Plus

Mohawk RevWood Plus products use a three-pronged waterproofing system that enhances the realism of the laminate while also creating added moisture protection. Mohawk RevWood Plus contains similar technology as other Mohawk RevWood lines (including their Hydroseal coating and Uniclic technology) with one added benefit that makes each plank virtually waterproof. This feature is their GenuEdge beveling technique. Let’s dive in a bit deeper to the features of RevWood Plus:

1. Hydroseal Coating

First, Mohawk’s proprietary Hydroseal coating covers each laminate plank. This coating works to repel water from the start. The barrier keeps each plank from absorbing spills and other water, allowing the laminate to retain its shape and not swell or become deformed.

2. Perfect Fit: Uniclic Technology

Mohawk’s Uniclic technology is a glueless locking system that maintains tight joints between each plank of RevWood Plus. The joints click together upon installation. These joints then trap water on the surface, keep leaks from making their way under your flooring.

3. GenuEdge

Finally, what makes Mohawk RevWood Plus waterproof is the Genuedge bevels. Not only does this detail bring a hardwood quality to the laminate, but the GenuEdge also allows the Hydroseal coating to extend around the edges of each laminate plank.

water on a hardwood floor

What Do You Mean by Waterproof?

The above three features make Mohawk RevWood Plus laminate is virtually waterproof. But what do we mean by waterproof? When talking about water resilience, there are two phrases commonly used to describe how well something performs when it is exposed to water: water-resistant and waterproof. It’s important to know whether your flooring is water-resistant or waterproof. If you don’t know the difference, you could unknowingly end up with damaged floors from a spill.

1. Water-Resistant & Water-Repellent

When a floor is water-resistant or water-repellent, that product has some capability to keep any liquid on the surface. The liquid cannot penetrate the flooring’s barrier at first but overtime, if the water is not removed, it will be able to penetrate through the material. This usually happens when liquid saturates the coating or seeps into cracks or weakened features on the floor.

2. Waterproof

When a floor is waterproof, this means that a coating and/or material makes the flooring impermeable to water. Unlike water-resistant and water-repellent flooring options, waterproof floors allow you to have real spill resistance and quick cleanups with wet towels and even steam mops.

Why Mohawk RevWood Plus?

So why should you choose Mohawk RevWood Plus for your flooring renovation? On top of their beautiful colors and hardwood like textures, Mohawk RevWood Plus products go the extra mile in keeping your floor in top condition despite the hazards and spills of life.

The protection and ease that Mohawk RevWood Plus provides is crucial in many areas of your home. For example, you might be interested in an updated style for your kitchen. Hardwood flooring could give you the modern edge you’re after, but kitchen spills and cooking would make hardwood maintenance nearly impossible. Install Mohawk RevWood Plus, and you get the hardwood look with easy regular cleanup.

Take the Next Step

Ready for a flooring makeover with the protective power of Mohawk RevWood Plus? Floor Concepts’ team of experts will help you with your renovation dreams. Read up on our customer-friendly installation process, and then contact us today. We’ll start you off with a free measurement and quote of your space.

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