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Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring 101: Everything You Need to Know

Ready to upgrade the floors in your home? Want the elegance of hardwood or ceramic tile without the maintenance and price tag? Enter Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring, commonly abbreviated as LVT. Luxury vinyl tile flooring is becoming a popular flooring choice and a great alternative to more expensive flooring like hardwood and ceramic tile. Flooring Concepts offers a variety of flooring products, including LVT products like Shaw Floorte waterproof hardwood.

Today, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about luxury vinyl tile flooring.

What is Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring?

LVT is a multi-layered flooring product that is designed to look like hardwood, ceramic tile, or another type of flooring like stone. It is extremely durable, scratch-resistant, and waterproof making it an ideal choice for any room in your home. Shaw Floorte waterproof hardwood is a type of hard surface flooring that is composed of a wood veneer on a stone plastic composite vinyl flooring system. Most luxury vinyl tile flooring has at least five layers. The top layer is a transparent layer that provides stain and scratch resistance. The next layer is the design layer. This layer is a high-definition photograph designed to look like exactly like hardwood, stone, or ceramic tile. The photographic layer is so authentic many often have a difficult time distinguishing LVT from actual hardwood or ceramic tile. The remaining and foundational layers are for stabilization and impact and moisture resistance.

Pros of Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Welcome to flooring that will actually stand up to your busy lifestyle. Here are the best features of LVT:


The multi-layered design makes the flooring thin and flexible, but also strong and durable. Bring on the pets, bring on the kids, bring on the relatives that won’t leave after the holidays—this floor can handle it all.


Say goodbye to the maintenance anxieties that come with hardwood floors. You don’t have to worry if you spill something on your luxury vinyl tile flooring and don’t have the time to clean it up immediately. You don’t have to question if installing LVT in your guest bathroom is really the best choice when the tub or sink overflows. 100% waterproof means 100% worry free.

Easy to Install

Installation of luxury vinyl tile flooring is particularly hassle-free. LVT planks are floating, meaning no glue or nails are required. The planks are designed to interlock and click into place. The result is a beautiful, even, and gap-free floor when installed correctly. Even though luxury vinyl tile flooring is easy to install, it is best to have experienced professionals install flooring to guarantee a proper fit.


Because the planks are waterproof, cleaning luxury vinyl tile flooring is much easier compared to that of its more expensive counterparts. There is no need for expensive oil treatments or specialty cleaning tools. Instead, LVT comes with a stress-free maintenance plan—vacuum and wet-mop regularly to keep your floors looking beautiful.


Durable and waterproof, luxury vinyl tile is suitable for any room in your home. It holds up against heavy foot and paw traffic. LVT also adapts to humid and more challenging natural environments, so it can be used in greenhouses, porches, and sunrooms. You can realistically outfit your entire house in LVT. It’s even been adapted to commercial use, with certain types of LVT being designed with an extra layer of protection to withstand the demands of public spaces.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Couple this with the fact that it is easy to install, and you have the recipe for unique design patterns that are wholly yours. Planks can be arranged in a chevron pattern, or contrasting planks can be used to create a border or striped effect.


LVT is a very affordable option, especially when compared to hardwood flooring or ceramic tile. You’re going to love how your floors look and the extra savings in your bank account.

Other Benefits

If that weren’t enough, luxury vinyl tile flooring is also quieter than hardwood or ceramic tile due to its construction. It is also more comfortable under foot than hardwood or ceramic tile. LVT maintains temperature so you never have to worry about freezing your toes when you dash across your house barefoot in winter. Ready to upgrade your floors to luxury vinyl tile? Floor Concepts can help you with every step, from conception and design to execution and installation. We’ve proudly served the greater Pittsburgh area for the last 50 years. Browse our customer gallery to see some of our in-home installations. Contact us to transform your floors today!

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