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Flooring Installation Process: Step by Step

When redoing a room, many people look to flooring first. If that’s you, your next task if to find a flooring installer. With a surplus of video how-tos and access to Home Depot, you might be thinking, “But wait. Can’t I complete my flooring installation myself?”

Benefits of Professional Flooring Installation

For the DIY crowd out there, no amount of ‘Fixer Upper’ or ‘This Old House’ viewing can match the benefits of working with an experienced flooring team like Floor Concepts. With a seamless flooring installation process and the added benefits listed below, you will be glad you chose our team.

1. Experienced Installers

You can rest easy knowing a team of experienced installers are managing your flooring installation. Floor Concepts opened for business in 1970. That’s over 50 years of flooring experience!

2. Efficiency

Save your time and money with our professional service. Don’t waste your resources trying to hack it yourself. With Floor Concepts installers, you don’t have to worry about buying or renting expensive tools like a flooring cutter. You will save time because our team knows to check the subfloor and account for expansion and contraction when installing your product.

3. Access to Top Flooring Brands

Floor Concepts’ showroom has all the top flooring brands. Whether you’re looking for carpet, LVT, or laminate, we have a variety of finishes and styles to match your decor. Once you choose a product, you will want to maintain the longevity of your quality brand with expert installation.

Our Flooring Installation Process

In five straightforward steps and one trip to our Wexford showroom, you will be enjoying a brand new floor customized for your needs. Our team of experts is with you along the way to answer questions and provide professional flooring installation services. Your first step in the process can be done online or by phone:

1. Fill Out a Measurement Request Form

The first step is to get the measurements of your project. This will help our team to adequately estimate time, cost, and work involved with your flooring installation. You can start your measurement request by either:

  • Filling out our convenient measurement request form online. On our form, fill out your name, email, phone number, and details about your installation request. Important details include size of the space, specific flooring types you might be interested, and what room in the house. After sending the request, we will reach out to you to set up a measurement appointment.

  • Calling us at 724-935-4600. Give us a call during store hours to share details about your flooring installation project. We will record your information down and set up an appointment.

2. We Will Come Measure Your Space

Next, one of our Floor Concept team members will come to your house to survey the project area. All appropriate measurements and notes about the current flooring will be taken for the future installation process. At this time, our team member will also answer any additional questions you may have.

3. Choose Your Desired Flooring

This step is the most exciting part! Better yet, these last 3 steps happen all at our showroom that day. Now that we have the important details of your flooring installation job, visit our showroom to make your flooring selection. Floor Concepts carries a wide variety of LVT, carpet, and laminate. Just like the bigger home improvement stores, you can find top brands including Shaw Floorte, Mohawk, and Marquis Flooring products.

If you have questions on which type would suit your flooring installation, our team will help guide you towards the perfect flooring brand that suits your needs. Are you on a budget? Floor Concepts also carries products like carpet remnants which will help you save even more.

4. Choose How You Would Like to Pay

Once your flooring selection is made, it is now time to pay for your installation. Our process is designed to be simple and flexible to your needs. In terms of payment, you can either pay in full that day, put a deposit down to secure your project, or finance your flooring installation.

If you decide to finance, we offer 0% interest for the first 12 months. No matter what you choose, we require a minimum of 25% down on all purchases.

5. Choose Your Installation Date

Almost time for the renovation. Now all that’s left is to choose your flooring installation date! We are committed to working with you to find a time slot that will fit within your busy schedule. Our team will talk you through the installation process, answer any final questions, and get your installation job in the books. You will soon have a team of our experienced installers at your home.

Ready to begin your home improvement project today? Browse our customer gallery to see some of our in-home installations, and then take the first step by filling out the online measurement request form. Have additional questions? Call us at 724-935-4600.

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