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5 Reasons to Choose Anderson Tuftex Carpet for Your Next Custom Carpet Installation

Some of the most crucial factors homeowners must consider when choosing a new carpet is its quality and durability. Flooring gets used every day, and it must be able to handle even the most substantial foot traffic. Homeowners also often want a home with a cohesive look that reflects their style. Carpeting can mix both practicality and style into one great product that is affordable and long-lasting. One high-quality option is the Anderson Tuftex carpet brand.

There are many reasons why this specific brand should be the one you choose for your next custom carpet installation. Learn more about five essential benefits of Anderson tuftex carpet below.

1. Anderson Tuftex carpet is durable.

A carpet gets walked on every day, so it needs to be durable enough to withstand anything that comes on its way. That’s why durability is among the top things homeowners search for when choosing a carpet. Luckily, with Anderson Tuftex carpet, you get strength and durability, and so you can trust it in any room of your home. They get constructed with tightly woven, durable nylon fibers that have demonstrated again and again that they hold up to the test of time. Whether it’s a high traffic hallway or a peaceful bedroom, this carpet provides the durability you need.

Best of all, homeowners do not have to pay a premium price for this level of durability. Anderson Tuftex offers carpets in a wide range of prices, so no matter what your budget, you can be sure you will find a high-quality one for your home. When shopping, be sure to let staff know your price limits, so they can advise you on the best carpet for your budget.

2. It comes in thousands of styles and colors.

Anderson Tuftex carpet is known for its timeless, classic design that can fit into any decade. This carpet typically doesn’t follow trendy designs, so you don’t have to worry about choosing one that will soon look outdated and tired. It comes in several different neutral colors that can work in any room. That way, even if you repaint a room or replace all the furniture, your carpet will still match and tie in the whole place for a unified look.

It does not mean that if you want a color, you are out of luck. The variety of options offered by Tuftex carpet ensures that no matter what your style, you can reflect it in your living space. This carpet is truly a custom carpet because of the vast amount of options available. Those looking to add a vibrant shade can choose a non-neutral color, such as green or blue. The carpet also has appealing textures and designs that can add a pop of interest and draw the eye, while still providing a classic, timeless look that will go far.

3. It offers warmth, comfort, and insulation.

Anderson Tuftex carpet offers a home the benefit of thermal resistance. This means that when it gets installed, it will keep the room at a higher temperature by retaining warm air for a more extended period. It can be especially crucial for homeowners who live in colder climates, as well as those who prefer to keep their home’s temperature on the warmer side. Heating can be expensive, and by having carpeting with thermal resistance, you can conserve energy, resulting in a lower heating bill.

This carpeting is also comfortable, bringing a warm atmosphere to the room and providing family and friends with a comfortable place to sit. In the family room, kids can enjoy playing on the soft Tuftex carpeting while the adults relax. In the morning, you can sink your feet into the carpeting as you get up from bed, allowing you to stay warm.

4. You can support an environmentally friendly company based in the United States.

The Anderson Tuftex brand is a manufacturer based in California. It means that you can get a top-quality carpet while supporting workers in the United States. Buying products made in the United States helps stimulate the economy and growth by keeping money in the region, ensuring that people have access to these carpets for many years.

Anderson Tuftex also cares about the environment and works hard to produce environmentally friendly carpets. What this means is that environmentally conscious customers can feel great about their purchase. They get constructed with Evertouch or Anso nylon. This nylon can get recycled at specific facilities, where they are broken down and remade into new fiber. It keeps waste out of the landfills and turns carpeting into a renewable resource.

5. Anderson Tuftex carpet is pet-friendly.

You love your pet, but it can be a challenge keeping your home clean. Carpets seem to attract pet hair, and over time it can be difficult to remove. As a result, many pet owners may be reluctant to choose one for their flooring. With Anderson Tuftex carpet, you don’t have to worry about damage caused by stains and pet hair. With this carpet, you have the option of choosing one made with Stainmaster pet protect, which gets specially created with pets in mind.

Some essential features of these pet-friendly carpets include:

  • They will resist pet hair, making vacuuming a breeze.

  • They are high-performing when it comes to comfort and durability, so you still get the quality you desire.

  • Petprotect is known for being fade-resistant and color-safe, so your carpet will retain its beauty for years.

When it comes to your home, you want a floor that not only looks stylish but is also well-made and able to withstand wear and tear from a busy family. At Floor Concepts, our professional staff can help you find the perfect Anderson Tuftex carpet for your home. We also have a range of other floor options to fit any budget size, so let our experts know how we can help you. Contact us to find out more about the variety of flooring products we have available!

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