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5 Major Benefits of Mohawk RevWood Laminate Flooring

Many homeowners prefer hard surface flooring over carpeting, but depending on what you choose, it can be challenging to maintain over the years. In high traffic areas, it is essential to have flooring that can take on severe wear and tear, such as Mohawk RevWood laminate. For rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen, having floors that do not sustain water damage is a necessity, as these rooms are often the site of spills.

Hardwood floors are prevalent, but don’t always work for your lifestyle. These floors can be challenging to maintain and can sustain damage easily if not well maintained. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the beautiful look that comes with a hardwood floor. There are other flooring products available that can achieve the design you want.

Mohawk RevWood laminate provides homeowners with the hardwood look and feel they prefer, plus the features they need. There are many benefits to choosing Mohawk RevWood laminate over other types of flooring, such as ease of cleaning and strength. Check out five essential benefits that come with this type of flooring.

1. Mohawk RevWood laminate is durable and sturdy, with an attractive design.

One of the key benefits of choosing laminate flooring is its strength and durability. This type of flooring has shown again and again in independent tests that it is resistant to scratches, dents, stains, and water damage. What this means for homeowners is that you will have flooring that looks good as new not only right when you install it, but also in the future.

In particular, Mohawk RevWood laminate gets constructed from RevWood, which stands for revolutionary wood. This material looks and feels just like wood, but with the strength that typically comes from laminate. That is because it has been designed to maintain sturdiness and durability but provide homeowners with that realistic hardwood look that they prefer. It comes in many styles and designs, both modern and classic, so you can easily match the flooring to your home’s décor.

Some of the common Mohawk RevWood laminate styles available include:

  • Pine

  • Oak

  • Cherry

  • Walnut

  • Hickory

  • Pecan

Popular color options include:

  • Golden Honey

  • Grey Oak

  • Chocolate Truffle

  • Oak

These come in a range of grains, thicknesses, and textures so you can customize your floor to suit your preferences. You can even mix and match, choosing one color for some rooms and another color for others.

2. It is easy to clean and maintain and won’t stain.

Mohawk RevWood laminate is virtually waterproof, so you can feel confident knowing that your flooring will not stain. The firm topcoat of laminate flooring makes it one of the most comfortable floor materials to clean. To clean up spills on this flooring, all you need to do is grab a dry paper towel and soak it up, or spray on a vinegar and water solution. For regular cleaning, you can sweep, vacuum, or use a floor cleaner designed specifically for laminate floors.

If you have pets, then this flooring is designed for you. It is treated with All Pet Plus Protection to prevent pet stains, such as those from urine. It prevents the liquid from soaking into the flooring, so you can easily clean it up.

Maintaining laminate flooring is also easy to resist major scratches due to its strength and ability. For extra protection, you can add a floor pad or area rug underneath your furniture, especially chairs. It will help protect your floor against any scuffs.

3. It is easy on your budget.

Mohawk laminate comes in a variety of price points designed with homeowners on a budget in mind. What this means for you is that you can get the high-quality look of hardwood without the expense that comes with some of the pricier materials.

Mohawk offers long-term warranties that cover damage, so if you do have a problem, you don’t need to worry about spending more money to fix it. The warranties cover issues such as significant pet stains that could not get entirely removed, stain damage, scratches, and problems created during the manufacturing process.

4. Mohawk RevWood laminate is environmentally friendly.

Due to the materials used in the manufacturing process, this type of flooring is environmentally friendly, so you can feel good about purchasing it. It gets manufactured following sustainability processes, and you will often find laminate flooring with high eco-friendly ratings. This flooring can be recycled and used to create new flooring. Also, it is manufactured right in the United States, so you can support your local workers when you buy this product.

5. It is easy to install.

Lastly, Mohawk RevWood laminate is extremely easy to install, even if you’re not a home improvement expert. However, most homeowners may benefit from having the installation done by a professional.

Mohawk designed its RevWood flooring to get installed using its UNICLIC Technology. It is a system where panels get installed together using a snap and lock process. There is no glue involved in this type of installation. The snap and lock system allows homeowners to easily replace one panel if it becomes damaged, rather than having to replace the entire floor.

These are just five benefits that homeowners receive when they choose RevWood flooring from Mohawk. After reviewing these, it’s easy to see why it is an excellent option for many homes. At Floor Concepts, we want to help you find the right flooring for your home, so make sure to tell us all about your flooring dreams.

You can find many styles of Mohawk RevWood laminate flooring that will work in every room in your home when you visit Floor Concepts. Our team understands how important it is for you to find the right flooring. We are pleased to provide our customers with a customer gallery of completed flooring projects so you can see how the different types look in various rooms. Contact us today to learn more, get a quote, or get a sneak peek of the perfect flooring!

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