dining room custom area rug

Looking for an area rug? We can cut any roll of carpet in our inventory to your desired size for a custom area rug.

Need something even more custom? We also offer special order options for area rugs where you can choose the exact color and style. We have a rug display at our showroom displaying several design options in standard sizes. 

Need more information on area rugs? Learn about how to decide what rug will fit your space.


To protect the rug's edges and extend its life, we either bind or serge your custom are rugs before sending them home with you.


Binding is the process of stitching a protective fabric (also known as binding tape) around the raw edges of the cut carpet to create a finished area rug.

While serging uses a common whip stitch to finish the rug. It wraps commercial-strength stitching around the edges of the carpet to protect from wear and unraveling.

Binding and serging processes are done at Floor Concepts on a weekly basis. Because we bind in store, this process will cost you a fraction of the price compared to other specialty retailers.

Once you decide on the perfect size for your area rug, our binding and serging services will provide the perfect finish! Contact us today for questions and inquiries about your area rug needs.